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Why Choose Us?

We have been serving in the Atlanta Metro area since 1990. Our office is designed to make you feel welcome and comfortable from start to finish, with a combination of caring staff and state of the art dental care technology. Dr. Cheng is proudly named Nation’s Premier Top 10 Dentist for her excellence in Dentistry!

Whether you need a regular exam, a dental cleaning or need restorative care, such as crowns or implants, you can be sure to count on our Dentist and staff to provide with the best dental care!

Reasons to Choose Our Office

  • Gentle Dentists – It is our top priority that our patients feel comfortable during every procedure.
  • Cleanliness – We provide a clean working environment using the latest sterilizing equipment.
  • Friendliness & Care – Our office has a relaxing, friendly environment where everyone remembers your name and treats you with respect.
  • Advanced Dental Technology – We use the latest technology to create a restoration or cosmetic makeover as well as to make your visit comfortable and reduce the amount of time in the chair.
  • Knowledgeable – Our dentists and staff are highly trained and experienced. They are always enrolled in ongoing dental courses to continue their education.

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