What Are The Best Hotels In Chamblee GA For Booking A Vacation?

During your stay in Chamblee GA, I bet you plan to shop Antique Row. It seems like that is the biggest reason to travel to this city right outside of Atlanta. When you arrive, you are going to need to have plans for lodging. Where are you going to stay? Let’s take a look at some of the best hotels you can choose from when it comes to taking a vacation in Chamblee, Georgia.

One of the top hotels is Studio 6 Chamblee, and it is found off of I-285 at Exit 31. Many of the best hotels are of course going to be found right off the interstate, so that sounds about right. Reviews mention that rooms come with a stove. That’s always nice, but how many times have you used a stove in your hotel room on vacation. It’s a good idea, but unless you have a specific plan, doesn’t dining out always seem to take over?

At Studio 6, there is also a barbecue truck mentioned in the reviews. I wonder if it is always there because people say the food is scrumptious. Then you have the fact that the hotel allows pets, too. The points that I have mentioned about this hotel are really specific and can help you determine if it is the right lodging spot for you.

The Lodge on Buford is another top ranked hotel in Chamblee. It is located on Buford Highway, and to me, while the place may be a little more simple than other lodging choices, it seems like a good fit for an antiquing trip. It just seems like it might complete the experience, but you have to choose the right hotel for you. You certainly want a place that is going to make you feel comfortable.

When you look at the top hotels in Chamblee, you see many listings for hotels that are technically in Atlanta or are in Dunwoody. The hotels I have mentioned are specifically in Chamblee. You don’t want to have to stay outside the city. Who wants a longer commute? It’s not like you are going to be in the room much anyway. You are going to be out and about having fun.

Let’s get to looking at one more lodging option in Chamblee GA. It is called Home Town Studios, and the reviews say it is located near the airport. It is also mentioned that Stone Mountain National Park is nearby. Home Town Studios is pet friendly, and it is said that the rooms feature well-equipped kitchens.

I wonder which one of these top ranked hotels in Chamblee GA is near Antique Row? If you ask me, even if the rooms at the other places are better, I would rather stay at the Buford Highway Lodge. It just sounds like it is the most authentic place when it comes to finding lodging in Chamblee. What is your first impression, and which of these four hotels is going to be your choice for lodging?


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