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Invisalign®: A Convenient Alternative to Traditional Braces

Invisalign Chamglee GANobody looks forward to straightening their teeth. You may think about popped brackets, loose wires, and missing out on your favorite foods for years. Luckily, this perception is not always accurate. Tooth straightening has progressed beyond the days of metal braces or nothing. Invisalign clear aligners can get your teeth straight without the use of metal braces.

If you do not need complicated tooth-straightening treatment, such as the correction of rotated teeth, an open bite, or severe overbite, Invisalign aligners may be for you. They tend to cost the same as traditional orthodontics, but are a convenient alternative to traditional metal braces.

Skip the Embarrassment

The first advantage you might notice with Invisalign compared to metal braces is their appearance. While metal braces are noticeable from across the room, Invisalign uses clear plastic aligner trays. People may not even notice your Invisalign trays during your entire tooth-straightening treatment.

If you are a teenager, you can appreciate the benefits of having invisible trays. You do not want your classmates making fun of you, or going through the hassle of extensive oral hygiene routines at school. If you are an adult, plastic trays can help you feel more confident and professional. The workplace is a time to focus on work, not on what colleagues are thinking about your teeth.

Eat What You Want

One of the most dreaded parts about traditional braces is avoiding the foods you love. Eating crunchy, stringy, or chewy foods puts you at risk for having a bracket pop off your tooth. With Invisalign, you take the trays out at each meal so you can eat all the healthy foods you love.

Eating is not just about nutrition; it is about experiences, too. With Invisalign, you can enjoy the following occasions during your treatment:

  • Eating chips and dip while studying with your friends
  • Ordering a steak when you and your coworkers go out to lunch
  • Chewing on candy at Halloween and birthday parties
  • Snacking on apples and celery in your lunch or before soccer practice
Take Care of Your Teeth

As long as you are taking the trouble to straighten your teeth, you want to keep them clean! Oral hygiene is difficult with metal braces since you need to brush and floss your teeth with wires and brackets in the way. You can brush and floss normally with Invisalign clear aligners because you can conveniently remove the trays before cleaning your teeth. Just remember to always put them back in!

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