Yi-Tsu Cheng, D.D.S. & Associates Redefines Dental Care and Offers Access To Top Dentist in Chamblee GA

Yi-Tsu Cheng, D.D.S. & Associates is a high-quality dental practice that aims to improve the quality and oral health of patients in Chamblee, GA. They are home to some of the best dentists in the area and can provide personalized treatment and care for patients. Every patient will receive the highest quality dental care in a state-of-the-art facility by a qualified dental specialist.

Chamblee, GA – Yi-Tsu Cheng, D.D.S. & Associates is a leading Chamblee dental practice. Their team includes friendly, professional, and experienced dental professionals. They aim to make it easy for patients to get their dental care. As patients are treated by friendly dentists who listen and educate them, they can expect a remarkable dental experience.

Yi-Tsu Cheng, D.D.S. and Associates employ state-of-the-art dental technology and innovative techniques to treat each patient’s oral health concerns. Patients can expect a one-on-one consultation with their dentist who will perform comprehensive dental assessments to determine the root cause of any complaints. Patients will be able to select from a variety of dental procedures once they have been diagnosed with the problem.

Yi-Tsu Cheng, D.D.S. & Associates provides a wide range of dental services and solutions including preventative and general dentistry. Preventative dentistry services are designed to improve patients’ oral health and strengthen their natural teeth in order to prevent future problems. Their preventative dentistry services include routine dental examinations and cleanings, as well as laser cavities detection, reversing decay, dental sealants, root canal therapy, and more.

To improve the look and appeal of smiles, patients can also use their cosmetic dental services. Patients who have had their teeth chipped, broken, or cracked can see dentists receive cosmetic procedures such as porcelain veneers, fillings, or crowns. Cosmetic solutions such as dental crowns, bonding, and no-prep veneers/Lumineers may be available for those whose teeth look discolored or uneven. Patients whose gums are affected by lifestyle choices or genetic makeup may be eligible for their gum lift/contouring service. Patients who desire whiter teeth can use their teeth whitening treatment to enhance their whiteness.

Yi-Tsu Cheng, D.D.S. & Associates takes extra care to restore every patient’s smile. That is why they offer restorative dentistry solutions. Patients who have lost their teeth may now be able to get dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants. This will restore their smile and bite force. The practice also offers Invisalign clear braces, which can correct problems such as underbites and overbites as well as malocclusions.

Yi-Tsu Cheng, D.D.S. & Associates offers TMJ and TMD treatments as well as migraine treatment for affected patients. Visit them at 5008 Buford Hwy Ne Ste. B, Chamblee (GA 30341), US or call them at (770) 457 3671 to schedule an appointment. Visit their website for more information.

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Yi-Tsu Cheng, D.D.S. & Associates

5008 Buford Hwy NE ste b, Chamblee, GA 30341


Long: 33.888563, Lat: -84.2892626

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