What Are The Best Vacation Rentals When Traveling To Chamblee GA?

Chamblee GA is one of the most interesting small city vacation destinations I have written about recently. It didn’t take much looking around before I ran into Antique Row. And Broad Street isn’t even the only place in the city where you can find antique shops. Plus you have the gigantic flea market, the Plaza Fiesta and much more. You are certainly excited about your upcoming trip, and have you looked at vacation rentals yet?

There is an interesting mix of places to stay when you are visiting Chamblee GA. There is a lodge that I really thought was neat. There wasn’t as much information as I would have liked concerning the lodge, at least on the travel site I used. However, it seemed like a very rustic and interesting lodging option. As for other types of vacation rentals in Chamblee, there are mostly major hotels.

There are a total of four hotels in the city of Chamblee according to a top travel site. You will see many more listings than that because there are Atlanta hotels that are close enough to Chamblee. You don’t want to be looking forward to a rustic vacation in Chamblee only to book a hotel in Atlanta though. Of course, that wouldn’t mean that you were staying in downtown Atlanta, but you get the point.

This antiquing vacation you are planning comes with a certain added flare, one that to me points you directly to the lodge. Of course, you can also look to see if there are any bed and breakfasts in the vicinity. That might take the cake if you find a good one, but none of them pulled up earlier when I was writing about lodging in Chamblee GA.

I thought better of that, so I performed a quick search to see if I missed anything. I want you to have the best vacation rental or lodging option for your stay in Chamblee. There is the Chamblee Bed and Breakfast Inn. There are other choices, too, but I believe they are again technically in Atlanta. One of them is Stonehurst Place.

Stonehurst Place does house you in a historic mansion. That sounds absolutely lovely, but to me, it just doesn’t match up with a big antiquing trip and a look at one of the area’s largest flea markets. What do you think? I might forgo the lodge and stay at the Chamblee Bed and Breakfast Inn though. For one thing, I was a little hesitant after looking at the reviews for the lodge, but people can be so picky.

Are you picky? I am smiling as I type this because I certainly don’t blame you if you are when it comes to lodging options. Whether you wish to be frugal or go all out, there is a great vacation rental waiting for you in Chamblee. Just remember, the more money you save on your choice for lodging, the more you get to spend on those antiques you want to take home with you.


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