Plan A Trip Around These Top Three Things To Do In Chamblee GA

Do you like antiques? If you do, you are absolutely going to love visiting Chamblee GA because many of its top attractions are all about antiquing. There are plenty of other adventures to be had, too. In this article, we are going to look at the top three things to do in Chamblee, Georgia. Hopefully, you find yourself excited about planning a trip to this small and charming city outside of Atlanta.

The Buford Highway Flea Market is the top ranked attraction in Chamblee, and this isn’t just any flea market. People talk about the culture of the place and the food served up there, too. I know of a place similar to this that can be found where I live. I have been there once with family, and it is quite huge. It sounds like this one in Chamblee, especially since it is a top attraction, might be even bigger.

Reviews mention that many different countries and their cultures are featured at this flea market, and that sounds very interesting. It would be really neat to see what all is there, don’t you think? I always like to look at flea markets to see what there is to buy. Plus, you know you are going to get some rock bottom prices, which you might not get at all of those antique shops by the way. So, enjoy them while you can.

Plaza Fiesta is the next top thing to do in Chamblee GA, and this place is a little difficult to put into words. It is another place to go shopping, full of vendors, booths and a food court. The pictures look neat, and it is amazing to me just how many unique shopping experiences await people when they get to Chamblee. We haven’t even gotten to the antiques yet.

It is mentioned in the reviews that Plaza Fiesta is all about the Latino culture, and being very familiar with Latino culture, it makes me want to say I would visit this place first. However, I like flea markets as mentioned, and I like antiques, too. Can you believe that there is actually a city like this? Some cities have a big marketplace, but not two, and then we have really just gotten started as I said.

We only have one more attraction to cover in this article, but I implore you to look into more of the things to do in Chamblee GA. You don’t want to miss the rest of the antique shops. Antique Factory is one of them, and it is located on Peachtree Road. By the way, reviews mention that this antique shop is part of what is called Antique Row. So maybe it won’t be hard at all to find the rest of those shops.

That’s just the shopping folks. Remember to check out other things to do in the great city of Chamblee GA. It sounds like a very exciting and unique experience, and I bet you will be taking quite a few things home with you.


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